BUCS 2016 - Senior Women

Having absolutely smashed head season the senior women were determined to keep this momentum going. From the typical Nottingham weather causing race cancellations both days to the great physical efforts of three races in a day, BUCS proved to be the biggest challenge to date. In the VIII+ we confirmed our strong head season coming 9th in our time trail. We eventually placed 4th in the B final matching last years performance, after a very challenging semi and final. On Monday the VIII+ was split up into two IV+ and joined by a third SW intermediate IV+, we affronted seriously challenging conditions. The first IV performed well securing a spot in the D final, and after a bit of a blade battle with Belfast the second IV placed in the G final. Unfortunately however due to conditions the finals were cancelled and thus the time trials concluded BUCS 2016 for the SW. With a gazebo providing shelter, and wonderful parents preparing food for the rowers as we came off the water, Warwick had a base camp for the weekend. As such moral and team spirit were at an unprecedented level, despite the poor weather. Over all BUCS 2016 was a huge success both on and off the water, as a squad the senior women have developed hugely and we are ready to go out there and prove ourselves in regattas to come. Definitely think all the girls should be very proud of our achievements.