WEHoRR 2016 - Senior Women

The first eight knew going into WEHORR this year that we could pull off something special if we wanted to. With the distant nightmare that was WEHORR 2015 on our minds, we had prepared ourselves to make this year different. Cox box fully charged, race plan drilled into every rower’s head, and a tried and tested winning race profile, we were ready to get out there and smash it.

After a 7km row up to the start, we waited to race past Chiswick Bridge in the temperamental weather conditions for around an hour. Thankfully, the freak hailstorm had passed by the time we were told to spin and start the race. As we came out the other side of Chiswick Bridge, Luke began calling our start and we were away. Immediately pulling off from the crew behind, we began to hunt down our opposition. We reached Barnes Bridge before we even knew what was happening and had overtaken the crew 4 lengths ahead by the time we reached Hammersmith Bridge at 4km in. With a call to push off Hammersmith we confidently rowed, fuelled by the cheers of ‘YEAH WARWICK’, to Fulham Football Club where we started our finish sequence. Three gears and a lot of ‘up twos’ later we had done it and all knew that there was nothing more we could’ve given. 

All the long ergs and drinking ban had been worth it as we found out that the results put us as 43rd out of 320 crews. We had smashed our goal of top 50 and managed a cheeky club record in the process. With four Warwick boats out in total across the senior and novice squads, the Thames streamed red, white and black with every crew coming off the water proud of their performance. It was an incredible day for both squads and really put Warwick’s name out there as a club to watch.