Worcester Head 2016 - Novice Men

Due to Henley Head being cancelled the week before, we arrived at Worcester Rowing Club brimming with testosterone and eager to get on the water and race our hearts out. We were one of the first crews to arrive and we were met with an almighty headwind. We got the boats off of the trailer and after a lengthy search for the backstays we were ready to make our way to the water. Once we had been given the all clear by the safety marshal we made our way to the start. 

Paddling up the river was almost futile as the stream was so fast and since we were the first crew to leave our cox had to have a cheeky check on Google Maps to make sure we had not taken a wrong turning along the way. Eventually, we made our way to the start and were told to keep close to the bank until all the boats had arrived. The banter was flowing and all was going well until another crew came alongside us and decided to turn which caused us to be taken by the stream and carried back down the river. After a mass pile up we managed to get back to our original starting position and the slight hiccup did little to dent our determination for the race ahead. 

With the voice of our coach ever present in our minds telling us to reach around the rigger on every stroke, we exploded off at the start line and quickly managed to overtake the crew in front, thanks in part to the sheer leg power of the dashingly handsome chap in seat 4. Overall the race went well and we crossed the line with a time of 13:51.94 despite a slight miscommunication just before the finish line. 

After a couple of burgers were eaten by everybody, it was time to watch the first VIII race in the afternoon. By the time they had got started, the headwind had increased significantly and we were all very worried when there was no sign of our boys rowing towards the finish. As it would later transpire, a couple of strokes after starting the race our 6 man had managed to rip his footplate away with a devastatingly lethal leg drive. They managed to get towed to the side and after fixing the footplate they were allowed to start the race again. Following some inspirational words of encouragement from the cox, the boys were pumped up again and ready to finish the day strongly. Over the course of the race, the VIII managed to majestically overtake 4 other crews on their way to a strong finish of 13:26.23 which the boys were pleased with considering the setbacks they had endured. 

Overall the day was a great experience filled with great banter and both crews are looking forward to driving forward and performing even better at the next event.