Quintin Head 2016 - Senior Women

This weekend saw an incredibly strong start to 2016 for Warwick Rowing’s Senior Women at Quintin Head. We’d been training hard, resting well and made enough pasta to feed an army.

After boating at Tideway Scullers School we headed up to the start line at Hammersmith Bridge. The sun was shining and we were feeling confident, we knew we’d worked hard and were rowing together well. Our boat felt balanced, our rhythm was in sync, and after a few practice bursts we were pumped to go.

The WN VIII came 1st in their category out of 25 competitors, with an astonishing lead of over half a minute. We rowed from Hammersmith Bridge to Chiswick Quay in 14:58, an impressive time of which would have placed second in the IM3 category.

We moved in the boat moved as one, maintaining a solid rate 32 with a split of 1:37-1:40/500m, allowing us to overtake a total of 6 crews in the process.

The Intermediate Warwick VIII also did the club proud. Despite being up against tough competition they held their form, kept their focus and allowed their cox to become their inner conscience. Throughout the race the girls demonstrated their tenacious spirit. They did not falter and let the pressure of a nearby crew affect their technique, pushing on to secure a lead over them and a 9th place overall out of 22 other crews.

It can be said however the highlight of the day came when landing. Safe to say we at Warwick are not used to boating in and out of a tide, as senior woman Gemma discovered (albeit gracefully) when in an attempt to get out of the boat rolled out over the side of the rigger; choosing the River Thames as her location for a post-race bath.

All in all the day was a success. We are proud to bring home yet another pennant to display at the boathouse. Quintin Head has strengthened our determination to work hard as a squad as we look ahead to our next race.