Worcester Head of the Severn 2015 - Novice Women

On the 1st of February the Novice rowing squad discovered the fun of head racing and the dire situation of the radio on Sunday mornings. After arriving at Worcester we got the boats rigged and realised how cold the wind can make you feel. This was nothing compared to the chaos it created on the water. 

The novice women especially enjoyed their first experience of marshalling and after a few tweaks and scrabbling around for a hub cap were allowed on the water. The second VIII boated beautifully and elegantly paddled up the river to the start point. The first VII were not as successful and after a small shower, a run in with the bank and an expert avoidance of the NM IV were off up the river... a footplate came lose. 15 minutes later we were all ok to go thanks to the help of a safety boat yet had to row all 8 up the start of the race; at least this was extra practice. This brought about a serious amount of crew bonding with the favourite phrase being "think how much better it will be on the way down!" Luckily we made it to the start in time and successfully found some of the bank to hold onto. The joy of being the last crew up meant we didn't have to wait as long. The second VIII discovered that the hanging around part can be a bit hazardous at times but our coxes ensured we all made it to the start. This was a major achievement given that a men's four decided it would rather crash and chat up members of the Eton than actually part-take in the race. 

After cheering on our men's boats it was time for us to race. The race itself felt like it was over in no time, helped by the strong stream. The crew were happy with the more calm style of rowing we had found and the comparatively short length of the race. The second VIII also finished with a good time despite a few pesky crabs a hundred metres from the line. All girls got off the water extremely excited to have completed their first race and had to be strongly encouraged to get the boats off the water instead of just chatting about it for the next hour. As a squad we discovered that food and warmth are both good motivators for de-rigging with what must be our quickest de-rig to date. We are also really grateful to Ellie for becoming the 9th member of the Eton. Bring on Peterbrough!!