Women's Eights Head of the River Race 2015 - Novice Women

A convoy of cars and a minibus full of our women and our fantastic coach Jack, and club captain Scott, set off for London on Friday afternoon. We headed straight Putney Town BC and began to rig the boats in the enclosing darkness. We then headed off to our various host houses for the evening. I stayed at the Jennings' household with 7 other novice women and it's safe to say we all felt very welcome as we settled down for bed, and race plan story time, extremely well fed and spoilt with home comforts.

Waking up to the smell of bacon certainly got some of the more sleep-attached of us out of bed. All the girls had had a good night sleep and were ready for a tough race. After rigging and boating we got to paddle down the Thames to our marshalling point, giving our new matching visors their debut. By comparison to previous marshalling this went very smoothly mainly as there were no barges attempting to plough through us and the race course us. 

After cheering on the senior women as they passed we paddled up to the start line. The race was exciting with lots of crews, overtaking and cheering from bridges. It was great seeing the Seniors on the way which gave the crew a boost. Although the race was by far the longest we'd ever done it was an amazing experience for the entire novice squad. The row back up certainly didn't feel short after the race but post-race snacks and some questionable singing made sure that we got back to Putney in once piece, if extremely worn out. 

Overall it was a successful day of rowing for Warwick with all four crews showing that the winter training had paid off. The first VIII finished 88th despite a cox box breaking 1k into the race! The second VIII finished 107th breaking last year's record, and the Novice VIIIs also broke all club records finishing 238th and 263rd. For the Novices it was great to take part in such a large race and the day was amazing fun! A special thank you to Putney Town BC for hosting us again, to the WeHoRR organisers for a fantastic morning on the water and to the girls' families who hosted us on Friday night and made sure our stay in London was as relaxing as possible. Here's to BUCS Regatta!