UWBC takes 3 medals at BUCS Indoor Championship 2014

On Saturday, September 29th, rowers from universities all across the UK convened at the Nottingham Trent University sports centre to face-off against one another without even getting on the water. 

Two of our senior women, Rebecca and Kate, respectively earned the gold and silver medals for the Senior Women's 2k race, whilst Gabriel, a recent addition to the Warwick Novice Men's Rowing squad, and former Water Polo player with Great Britain's National Team, took the bronze medal for the Senior Men's 2k category. 

Assembled in October 2014, Warwick's Novice squads were filled with the type of nervous excitement that accompanies tackling anything that will test your mettle for the first time. Our aim? To complete the oh so daunting 2K for the first time, to experience a competitive atmosphere and represent Warwick University to the best of our ability. We are proud to say that we were the only university daring enough to enter our novice teams into the senior events which proved to be an overall success. We had all spent a significant amount of time training but none of us had yet attempted a 2K. 

The thing about going flat out for 2k is that it really tests your ability to maintain a deliberate pace. Never have six to eight minutes felt so long and painful, where the thought of giving up was undoubtedly on everyone's minds, but through the cheers and endless screams of encouragement, the team conquered the event. 

Regardless of everyone's performance on Saturday, it was a fantastic opportunity for all rowers, new and experienced alike, to get a sense of what rowing competitions will be like in the future. Whilst BUCS Indoors did not count towards Warwick's overall race standings, one might easily say that whilst the first one was free; the Novice team is now hooked. 
Organized by British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS), in concert with British Rowing, indoor rowing competitions see University rowers from multiple weight and skill categories compete individually alongside one another. The aim is to attract top student rowers and a wide participation base to encourage an interest in Indoor Rowing competition. 

Official race stats can be found here.

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