Reading Head 2015 - Novice Women

With the 4.30am morning start last Saturday morning, the novice women's first and second eight set off to race at Reading University's Head of the River competition. Everything was set out to be perfect, the weather, the boat and hopefully the rowing! Yet luck was just not on the novice women's side that day, with technical difficulties in the Resi, the girls had to race in the unfamiliar Simms a.k.a "the oil tanker". Once boated, the girls started their warm up yet for the first eight, the cox's race plan flew out of her hands and was lost to the unknown depths of the river below.

However, this did not falter the girls' confidence as they powered through the warm up and reached the head of the river in no time. Though after a long and enduring 90minute wait, they began the 4.6km race and to sum it up in simple terms, the girls had a tough time; the cox box broke and two of the nuts on a girl's rigger unscrewed which caused an absolute nightmare for the team. Despite this, the girls raced their hardest and they were still happy with their performance despite not being able hear the cox. The first eight came 3rd overall which proved to be a massive surprise considering of having such bad luck on the river. The second women's eight did extraordinary well too, coming 7th only just a minute behind the first team.

The girls celebrated with chocolate cake and ice cream as they headed over to cheer on the novice men. It was a gorgeous day and with the busy vibrant atmosphere surrounding the boat club, the day turned out to be an astonishing success!