Peterborough Training Camp 2014 - Novice Women

With bags fully packed with an endless supply of Soreen and warm clothes, the novice women and men's team set off to Peterborough for their first winter training camp. The 6am early morning rises were not a huge favourite but the thought of the warm boathouse and porridge as a reward proved to be the best motivation. 

With the funny sight of our male coaches casually riding on their bikes around the lake, whilst calling out improvements, the team worked extremely hard on developing their technique. By the end of the week, after hours on the water, the novice women rowed in all eights for the very first time which was a massive accomplishment especially since they all had been waiting months to do so. 

Overall, training camp was a success! The girls bonded over hot chocolate and were constantly motivating each other throughout the camp, especially during their short "race that wasn't actually a race". 

From catching "crabs", afternoon siestas to taking endless memorable photos (particularly at the Soreen carb blow out in room 203), the week was filled with laughter and joy, thus making the men and women even closer as a team. Result!