Peterborough Training Camp 2014 - Novice Men

On Friday, December 5th, both the Novice Women and Novice Men squad went to Peterborough for what was our first rowing training camp. Altogether with the rowers and the coxes, we were about 50 Warwick students going to Peterborough for five days.

Our daily routine for the camp was to leave the Travelodge at 6.30am for our morning run which was followed by our first outing before breakfast. We had a second outing before lunch and a third one in the afternoon. We had all our meals at Peterborough boat house and of course we had to run back to the hotel in the evening after dinner. There can't be enough training!

All the free time in between the sessions was spent at the boat house cooking, eating or relaxing (and studying for a few courageous ones). We had a different team each day to cook the food for everyone which made them enjoyable as we got to know each other better cooking together. I must admit some of us were way better rowers than they were cooks!

Technique wise, a lot of improvement has been made by all of us. We got a good amount of time to practice on the water which was essential as usually don't get that much time back at University. And also, training with everybody in the squad was definitely a good thing to create a better team spirit in the squad. We obviously improved our fitness as well as the whole training camp was focused on improving ourselves both on the technique and on the fitness.

Overall I can say we all had good times sharing moments of pain, cold and laughter together.