Peterborough Head of the Nene 2015 - Novice Women

Early alarms were set and at 5:15 all 8 novice women and their cox pilled into the minibus, a little bewildered by the time to say the least. But never the less in good spirits as always. Despite what Catherine (the driver) may say the trip up to Peterborough flew past with some great DJing from Sophie and Olivia and to our amazement we were the first squad to arrive. After a little tense waiting, and somewhat questionable messages from our coach, the boats arrived and it was time to rig up. Fair to say rigging wasn't the smoothest process considering we were lacking the bolts to connect the boat. After a solid effort to scavenge enough bolts the decision was made, much to the seniors horror, that we would be entrusted with the Hudson 8 rather than tempting fate in the Eton. This caused just a little stress to say the least, so after a quick debrief and with orders to "protect the boat at all costs" we set off. Quite excited about our little adventure and the prospect of racing in such a nice boat, we were all buzzing. 

The paddle up to the start was relatively uneventful, especially compared to last week's race. So much so that we were all somewhat shocked to arrive in marshalling so quickly and easily. Despite the stress of the responsibility of racing in the seniors' boat, marshalling went smoothly, making sure nothing came within a mile of the boat. 

After a short wait we were given the go and so the race began. Much to our delight the boat was well sat and things were going well. The improvements from the previous race were evident. And a big shout out to some outstanding coxing from Sophie which as usual which made a huge difference. Despite a quick crab half way we finished the race in good time with a spectacular finish line crab from Frankie to ensure that we looked good for the photos as we crossed the finish line. 

Race finished and still buzzing we casually paddled back and landed like pros, which was just as well considering half the senior men were watching in fear of us scratching their precious boat. The Hudson was swiftly taken off the water and returned to the safeguard of its rightful owner with a little assistance from the senior men. Safe to say the novice women have never had so much attention and help from the senior men, and most likely won't again. 

Finally after a great debrief of an eventful and enjoyable day it was time to get home. With half the squad fast asleep, music up loud and some outstanding singing, the post-race bus ride back to campus was pretty standard to say the least. Now bring on BUCS!