BUCS Regatta 2015 - Men's Beginner 1x

After a hard day's racing in the Novice Men's first VIII, I had to quickly shift my focus to the Beginner Men's Single Sculls competition, and after a fabulous night spent in a double bed with my coach Thomas Hoskin I was ready to go. 

First up was the time-trial in which I had to scull 1,500m. Rowing up to the start line I was extremely nervous knowing that only having 5 training sessions in a single before-hand isn't the ideal preparation. However I got on with the task at hand, overtaking two boats and ending up in 7th place overall. I was extremely happy with this unexpected result and went into the semi-finals hoping to make the allusive 'A' final. 

Unfortunately, the semi-finals race did not go quite to plan. Being very inexperienced I was unable to deal with the rough conditions and struggled to keep the rate at a competitive level and never really got into a proper race rhythm. Knowing I wouldn't make the top 3, I dropped from 4th place to 6th ensuring I saved enough energy for the B final. Then the drama commenced. After crossing the line, a fast moving pair alluded my vision and we ending up crashing. I ended up in the water in front of the vast BUCS Regatta crowd. How embarrassing. The pair were really nice in helping me get back in my boat and I re-gained my focus for the B final after drying off. 

Rowing up to start line I was more determined than ever to prove to myself I can row at a competitive rate and in a good rhythm and fortunately the conditions were slightly more in my favour. I set off at a good pace and settled in a rhythm which got me third place after 500m. I ensured the other 3 singles behind would not catch up by inserting one or two bursts and keeping a long, relaxed rhythm. I finished the race in third place which I was very satisfied with. The overall experience helped me learn a lot about sculling and hopefully I can improve in the future. Additionally, I now have a great "never have I ever" fact after my whole falling in the water incident. Thank you Warwick for giving me the chance to compete.