BUCS Head 2015 - Senior Women

The Senior Women entered two VIIIs into BUCS Head, the first race of the season pitted against all of our university rivals. Conditions were tough with wind turning the marshalling area into something of a scene of carnage. Both boats and their skilful coxes were however able to re-compose themselves well for the race and headed out strongly, implementing the race plan which we have been working on since Henley Head.

The start of the race was rhythmical, powerful and controlled before, two and a half kilometres into the race, we came to the infamous Boston bend. Beyond the bend, the wind hit once again and we came to appreciate having practised in the windy conditions of the Tideway whilst competing at Quintin Head. The first and second VIIIs finished 10th and 12th respectively amongst the 30 crews in inter VIIIs, showing both the depth of the squad and spurring us on to achieve a top 10 finish when BUCS regatta comes round this summer.