Bristol Head 2015 - Senior Women

On the extremely chilly morning of 6th December, the senior women squad competed at the University of Bristol Head race. 

The race was the first of the season for the majority of the girls and a chance to face the 2014/15 squads of many university rivals we will come up against at BUCS Head in term 2. 

The senior women entered 4 boats. In Division 1, a 3.2km course, two coxed IVs and an VIII raced. In Division 2, a 1.3km sprint, Amy Crowe and Gemma Crook raced once more, this time in a pair. 

The day proved to be a little frustrating in terms of the results, with both the top IV and the VIII finishing in second place in their categories. The VIII came particularly close, narrowly missing out to the winning crew by 1 second. The pair faced no competition in Division 2 but rowed a very strong race. Gemma and Amy's performance in the pair reflected the senior women's progression in the 2014/15 season to training and racing in small boats. 

We hope that extending into small boat categories will both lead to greater improvements in our technique as well as giving the squad a greater versatility in the boat types which we race. 

As a first experience of a racing environment for the full 2014/15 senior women's squad, the day, as well as being a lot of fun, was both useful experience for term 2 head races and an opportunity for the coaching team to pick out key areas to work on during the following week's winter training camp. After a great day of racing, we look forward to our busy head race schedule which starts in January!