The senior rowing squad is split up into the Men's and Women's squads and is comprised of those with significant rowing experience. Many of the senior rowers are "novice graduates", having begun rowing for the first time at UWBC in the novice programme.

 Photo: Hannah Koestler 

Photo: Hannah Koestler 


COACHED BY Chris littlefair

CAPTAINED BY alice vodden

After a very respectable performance at Henley Women’s Regatta last year, the Senior Women’s Squad are hoping to build on their previous success, with the aim to train and perform at a consistently high level throughout the season.

Whilst the early wake-ups and cold, wet mornings are not for most, the women will be training hard throughout the year, with the programme ranging from ergs and weights to circuits and water sessions. During the winter we will focus on increasing physical strength and aerobic endurance, which will set us up for the summer term where we will turn our attention to boat compositions and perfecting our technique. A competitive, supportive, and fun environment will be fostered amongst the squad, enabling all athletes to reach their full potential, proudly representing the University of Warwick Boat Club.
— Alice Vodden, Captain


COACHED BY Carl Willott

CAPTAINED BY Jack Hutchinson

This year we are looking to build a large men’s squad, made of strong-minded, driven individuals who will push each other to the limit both on and off the water. Coaching will be tailored to each individual’s needs, with constant monitoring and support through an online platform. This will allow for the optimum development of all our athletes, from novice to senior level. I believe that competition between athletes is one of the greatest sources of motivation, so this is a factor that will be incorporated into every aspect of the training programme. This competitive and professional environment will, without doubt, boost our performance on the racing circuit, and in our academic work.

I am excited to see what we can achieve this year and welcome any ambitious students to come and join us.
— Jack Hutchinson, Captain