Men's Rowing

Senior Men

Senior Men's Captain: Lee Rawlings

Senior Men's Coach: Tom Broomfield

If you are interested in joining or finding more out about the Senior Men's Squad at Warwick then hopefully this page will answer some of your queries. The Senior Men's Squad is solely for experienced and competent rowers, thus logically suitable ability must be demonstrated before being accepted into the squad. If you have rowed at school or club previously then you can expect to be invited into the squad following a brief trial, usually in the form of a water outing. Entry is also accepted internally by discretion after completing a full year in the Novice Men's Squad.

One of the main attractions and factor that sets aside rowing from the other sports clubs within the university is its highly competitive nature. At the majority of other sports clubs within the university training several times a week is ample to reach the top end of the sport. However that would be classed as very average in the rowing community and Warwick's rowers have no interest in being average. To remain at the top end of rowing, the commitment expected to training is extremely high. The training is intensive and, with the exception of recovery days, it's normal for the Senior Men's squad to be training twice a day. Rowing in the Senior Squad is therefore an excellent way to put energy into something worthwhile during your study at Warwick and is a very good way to learn how to time manage effectively, a skill you will find invaluable in later life. As any successful rower will attest the experience of completing a successful year in a Senior Squad, complete with the silverware that accompanies it more than makes up for the time and energy put in throughout the year.

Although you can most probably infer that Warwick Rowing is not a drinking orientated club, the social aspect is a major part of life within the Senior Squad. As a squad the Senior Men are extremely welcoming and provide the leadership that instils the clubs excellent friendly and very positive atmosphere. We run an extensive calendar of social events throughout the year, from squad meals and the famous ball to some riotous nights out. Whether it be on the finish line of an international regatta, or simply at a club social, you can be sure that at Warwick Rowing, you are part of something special, with friendships to last a lifetime.

A brief overview of the Senior Men's rowing programme:

Term 1 - The first term is large a development term, with no formal 1st VIII selection. Instead racing is done in fours, with a number head races attended and used for the purposes of gauging athlete ability and using the smaller boat work to improve technical aspects. The period is also extensively used to improve and gauge athlete fitness and strength in preparation for VIII's racing the following term. The term ends with training camp abroard during the first week of the Christmas holiday.

Term 2 - Racing begins early in term 2, with the importance of races increasing through Bucs, Reading and climaxing with the Head of the River Race. Selection for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and potentially even 4th VIII's is conducted in conjunction with the Novice Squad on a pure meritocracy and is likely to be left late, with different subs given try outs so as to produce the fastest possible end result.

Term 3 - Term 3 really begins the week before term starts with a pre regatta training camp where the squad prepares for the shorter, faster paced regatta circuit. Racing begins at the end of the first week with Notts City regatta in preparation for BUCS regatta in week two. The squad will also attend Bedford, Metropolitan, Reading and Marlow regatta before climaxing at Henley Royal Regatta. As a method of with exams regatta entry is subject to change and exam timetables, this is organised via the use of google docs whereby the entire squad input their timetable and are given the exam itself off and the afternoon/morning prior to it as well. This allows the squad to continue to train extensively as a unit and plan ahead to accommodate study without comprising performance.

The Senior Men's training plan for Weeks 1 to 3 can be found at Senior Men.

Lee Rawlings
Senior Men's Captain

Watch the Senior Men's Road to Henley 2012