Men's Rowing

Intermediate Men

Intermediate Men's Captain: Steven Edwards

Intermediate Men's Coach: Tom Broomfield

The Intermediate Men's squad was newly formed for the 2010-11 season to accommodate our rapidly growing ranks and so widen the coaching, training and racing exposure of UWBC members.

There will be an initial period where the Senior and Intermediate squads are mixed to allow new members to find their feet and to allow all members to return to pace after the summer break. In the early part of term one there will be testing to roughly split the squads, followed by further testing throughout the year with fairly fluid movement between squads. The squad will also act as a training ground for new novice talent from the year's intake wishing to push up through the club.

The squad aims to field the Club's 2nd VIII with the Senior squad and also to cover the Men's 3rd boats. Alongside this it will maintain the competitiveness and high training standards seen within the Senior squad to allow for development of the squads members.

Training will encompass a mixture of weights, circuits, ergos and water work with cross training in the form of running and cycling mixed in. Racing will begin in term 2 with the opening of the main Head season. A brief overview of the year looks like this:

Term 1 - A largely development year both in terms of technique and fitness. Squads will be roughly selected but crews will not be set and water work will mostly take part in smaller boats. Land training will focus around long distance ergs and heavy weights as well as opportunities for cross training. The end of this term is marked by a whole club training camp during the first week of the Christmas Holidays, normally in mainland Europe.

Term 2 - Racing will begin early in the term and will progress through events such as Reading, BUCS and Peterborough Heads as a run up to the Men's Head of the River race in London at the end of the term. Formal selection begins in this term with the aim of putting together the fastest crews we can for London.

Term 3 - The Summer term begins with a week's training camp in the UK to prepare rowers for the beginning of the Spring regatta season and racing will continue throughout the term. We aim to put out crews at all of the major 2km regattas including Metropolitan, Marlow, BUCS and Nottingham. The high point of this season will be the international Henley Royal Regatta at the end of the term.

The Intermediate Men's training plan can be found at Intermediate Men.

Steven Edwards
Intermediate Men's Captain