1. The University of Warwick Boat Club (hereafter known as Warwick Rowing) caters for members of the University of Warwick Sports Federation (hereafter known as the Warwick Sport) who wish to row or cox.

2. Warwick Rowing is affiliated to British Rowing (hereafter known as BR).

3. As a society within the Warwick Sport, Warwick Rowing is bound by the constitution of Warwick Sport, whose rules and regulations shall have precedent over this constitution. This constitution may only be amended by an Extraordinary General Meeting which may be called by any Member of Warwick Rowing and must be seconded by another Member of Warwick Rowing.

4. Membership of Warwick Rowing consists of those Warwick Sport members who have paid full membership for the current academic year and for those awarded life membership.

5. Members shall be entitled to the use of the general facilities offered by Warwick Rowing subject to the consent of the Executive Committee of Warwick Rowing, subject to agreement to abide by the rules and regulations stated below and subject to Rule 10 stated below.

6. The Executive Committee shall comprise of ten members - the President & Safety Advisor, Administrational & Social Secretary, Senior Women's Captain, Senior Men's Captain, Treasurer, Intermediate Men's Captain, Novice Men's Captain, Novice Women's Captain, Equipment & Safety Officer and Public Relations, Sponsorship & Website Officer.

Rules and Regulations

7. The constitution is binding on all Members of Warwick Rowing and on all members of the coaching team insofar as the rules are relevant and applicable to that member of the coaching team.

8. Warwick Rowing's safety documents which will be issued in accordance with the safety policies of BR as varied from time to time.

9. Warwick Rowing's safety documents will be displayed on Warwick Rowing's website and the Executive Committee must extend reasonable publicity to them among the Warwick Rowing members.

10. Those authorised to participate in training on the water without an effective personal flotation device must have provided evidence to a member of Warwick Rowing's executive committee or have demonstrated to the satisfaction of a member of Warwick Rowing's executive committee that they can swim to the standard required by BR at that time. Members have a duty to inform the Executive Committee of the club if their capacity to swim to the standard required by BR lapses.

11. The Warwick Rowing Executive Committee and coaching team have a duty to use reasonable endeavours to implement Warwick Rowing's safety policy documents which are in force and vary from time to time.

12. Members will have valid BR membership in order to be invited to represent university in competition.

13. Members may only use the equipment offered by the club with the permission of the Equipment & Safety Officer, subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.

14. The use of club boats is strictly reserved for active members of the club who are associated to one of the five squads.

15. Except for specific permission from the President, no member is allowed on the water unaccompanied. Members may only use single sculls while a safety launch is accompanying them.

16. Members shall adhere to the permissions detailed on the Safety and Permissions Google Doc, available to all active club members. 


17. The Secretary of Warwick Rowing shall call the Annual General Meeting (hereafter known as the AGM), to be held at or around the beginning of the third academic term. A copy of this constitution and the constitution of Warwick Sport shall be available at the AGM and all other general meetings of Warwick Rowing. Candidates for the Executive Committee positions for the following academic year shall be formally invited at the time of calling the AGM. Candidates must be members of UWBC and therefore Warwick Sport.

18. This AGM shall:
a. Receive the brief oral annual reports of the executive committee members or from the President of Warwick Rowing on behalf of the Executive Committee.
b. Elect the committee for the following year according to paragraph 17 below.
c. Discuss any other business.

19. The AGM shall be conducted according to the regulations of Warwick Sport. The Executive Committee shall nominate a Chairperson, unless a majority of those present request that there should be an election for the Chair. In the absence of an nomination for the chair by the Executive Committee or an Election for the Chair by those present, the President of Warwick Rowing shall chair the meeting.

20. Any other meetings requested by a Member and seconded by another Member shall be called an Extraordinary General Meeting (hereafter known as an EGM). This shall be for the purpose of raising specific and immediate issues of relevance to Warwick Rowing. This meeting shall be chaired as in Rule 16.

21. Notice of AGMs and EGMs shall be displayed on the Warwick Rowing website at least seven days before the meeting.

Meetings of the Executive Committee

22. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to all Members, who may raise issues of concern for discussion by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Members

23. The individual and collective responsibilities of the Executive Committee are outlined on two separate documents entitled Executive Committee Code of Conduct and Executive Committee Individual Responsibilities as updated from time to time.

24. Election of the Executive Committee members (at the AGM) shall be by single transferable vote. Each position shall be finalised before the next is opened, in the following order: President & Safety Advisor, Secretary,Club Captain, Senior Women's Captain, Senior Men's Captain, Treasurer, Intermediate Men's Captain, Novice Men's Captain, Novice Women's Captain, Equipment & Safety Officer and Public Relations, Sponsorship & Website Officer.

25. Nominations along with the candidate's manifesto must be submitted to the Secretary at least 4 days prior to the AGM. Audio-visual aids may be used by the candidates when presenting at the AGM. Presentations should last no longer than five minutes, including any AV aids.

26. The collective duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee of Warwick Rowing are defined as the pursuit of the best interests of Warwick Rowing.

27. Members may elect one further non-executive position, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee.