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It's the beginning of term and you've lost count of how many people you've been introduced to and how many places you need to get to and by when. You've probably signed yourself up to a few different sports and societies but the one you're really interested in is rowing. And you can trust that instinct because this club will define your time at Warwick.

We're up there with the most successful sports clubs on campus and we're big. We're one of the university's six selected focus clubs which is great because our ambitions are limitless. The focus club programme gives support to our highest achieving athletes. And that's what you'll be by the end of the first term, an athlete. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Try us. We've turned non-rowers into Henley Royal Regatta qualifying athletes in eight months, we've even produced an Olympian and we could do the same with you.

It will take effort. But in return you'll get to be part of something great. You'll make friends beyond your hall mates and your course mates. You'll travel the country with us and you might even venture into continental Europe with us on one of our training camps. At times, you'll wear clothing you didn't think human beings could get away with and within a few weeks you'll no longer notice how weird has become normal.

You'll have an excuse to get off campus at the weekends (and on Wednesdays). You'll have something on your CV that your intellectual but altogether more boring course mates won't. Our alumni have told us that entire interviews have been dominated by the experiences gained from rowing at Warwick.

You'll have access to a range of excellent equipment and experienced coaches. Your squad captain will be organised. If you haven't rowed before, you won't be thrown in at the deep end at all and you'll never feel intimidated by us. You'll be given enough information to work out how to succeed in training and in competition. You'll be introduced not just to the art of rowing (and it is an art) but you'll leave us feeling part of the UK's rowing community and you'll wonder how you ever did life without rowing. You'll laugh inside at some of the interpretations of the rowing stroke you'll see in your local gym because you'll know the correct technique inside out.

Along the way, you might have to push yourself. But you'll know that results don't come for free and an achievement really isn't worth much if it was easily done. Use the above links to find out what squad you're in and where you'll need to be and when in the first few weeks. Congratulations again on a fantastic choice, now let's get you training (gently at first!).

Important Contacts

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with any one of our captains, who will be more than willing to help.




Email Address

    Senior Mens Captain    Jack Clark
    Senior Womens Captain    Amber Capewell
    Intermediate Mens Captain              Steven Edwards            
    Novice Mens Captain     Matt Dabell
    Novice Womens Captain     Lara Cross

Key Dates





    Tuesday 2nd October           Sports Fair    TBC     Sports Fair
    Wednesday 3rd October     Novice Taster Session    1-3pm     Desso Hall Balcony, Sports Centre
    Thursday 4th October     Novice Taster Session    1-3pm     Desso Hall Balcony, Sports Centre
    Friday 5th October     Novice Taster Session    1-3pm     Desso Hall Balcony, Sports Centre
    Friday 5th October     Club Welcome Meeting    5pm     MS.01    
    TBC    Club Circuit Training + Squad     Meetings           TBC    Desso Hall, Sports Centre