Club Membership and Donations

During 2002 & 2003 Ken Loveday (Kendo) and Mark Williams worked with the University and UWBC executive committee to set up an alumni boat club. In February 2004 the Warwick Graduate Association Boat Club (WGBC) was formally established and registered with British Rowing (formally the Amateur Rowing Association).

The UWBC is often looking for new sources of finance to help aid the purchase of equipment and facilities. The primary function of the WGBC is to provide funding to the UWBC but equally importantly it provides a chance for you to carry on rowing after you leave Warwick and maintain contact with your fellow graduates. The WGBC alumni boats are often seen racing along side the UWBC at various heads and regattas promoting the more 'social' side of the sport. Not forgetting, of course, the legendary 'Barford International Invitation Regatta' the day of the Rowing club ball.

With the WGBC formally established we have put in place provisions for all UWBC old boys/girls to give something back to your old university rowing club. Membership is entirely free however we ask all UWBC graduates to do a voluntary donation of £10 per year. The funds collected through the donations will be used for two reasons:

(i) To make the finances available to the UWBC to purchase new equipment or facilities. The vast majority of funds collected will be used for this.
(ii) A small amount of money will be used to help pay for the annual registration of the Warwick Graduate Association Boat Club to British Rowing.

Any member of the WGBC can race at any ARA rowing event and independently enter an alumni crew. In addition, all members (on request) will be added to the alumni email distribution list, thus receiving important updates from the UWBC and invitation to the annual rowing club ball and various other social events.

As WGBC membership grows year on year it is the eventual aim that the UWBC will never again be short of club funds. The donations will assist the club in funding coaching and the purchase of new equipment to allow UWBC to compete at the very highest level of the sport. You are kindly asked NOT TO WAIT but to immediately set up your £10 annual 'standing order'. £10 is a very small amount, however, if everyone contributes and as the fund matures this will become a major source of funding for the UWBC.

The contribution amount is purely voluntary and any amount of money will be very much appreciated. One off donations are obviously more than welcome however we prefer that your donation is set up as an annual 'standing order' (that does not expire), the date of the first payment can be any date that suits you. If you use on-line internet banking this can very easily be set up in a similar way to doing a one off payment (please note this is a 'standing order' and not a 'direct debit').

£10 is only a suggested amount, we currently have yearly donations ranging from £5 to £200 so please give as much or as little as you feel appropriate.

Set up the Standing Order either through your online banking or by downloading this document and handing the Standing Order form into your bank.

Account Name:
Warwick Graduate Association Boat Club

Lloyds TSB

Sort Code:

Account No.:

An up-to-date list of donators can be found at:

Once you have set up the standing order please email the WGBC (or complete this form) with your name and the date of your first payment, please also include the years you were at Warwick (e.g. 2005-2008):

Thanks in advance for your support.

WGBC & UWBC Executive Committee